Sprouting and Dehydration


We often get asked why we sprout the nuts and seeds in our yummy grain free granola bites. 

Sprouting is a lengthy and expensive process but we believe the health benefits greatly out weigh the costs.     

Mother Nature has done a great job of building in protective systems for nuts and seeds. She gave them shells to protect them from the elements, pests and birds.   As an added layer of protection she gave the highly desirable nut and seeds an extra protective coating called Phytic Acid.  Phytic Acid does a super job of keeping nuts and seeds safe until they can germinate.  

However, nuts and seeds are often harvested before these seeds and nuts have a chance to germinate.   We gobble them down and Phytic Acid is still trying to do its job to protect it until it can germinate.   This protection keeps our bodies from being able to fully utilize all the wonderful nutrients and enzymes in the nut and seeds.   Phytic acid can also irritate the lining of our stomachs and bowels  

At Lark Ellen Farm, we soak our organic nuts and seeds to break down these acids for you! So that when you eat our yummy, crunchy granola bites you get the full nutrients and enzymes from the nut and seeds.   


Dehydration is another of the extra steps we take to craft the most delicious, crunchy and nutrient dense treat to you and your family. 

Most granola on the market today are baked at a high temperature.  This is the fastest way to mass produce large quantities of granola.  However, this also kills most of the amazing nutrients and enzymes in the nuts and seeds.     At Lark Ellen Farm, we gently, blow warm air over our granola at a very low temperature for a long period of time.  This delivers a crunchy product that is still full of most of the nutrients and enzymes that nature intended.